Frequently Asked Questions

General information

What is Indieframe?

IndieFrame is an independent digital platform for distributing user-generated content.
We turn smartphone owners into freelance reporters and connect photo and video creators with news media, publishers, broadcasters and other commercial companies all over the world.
The purpose of IndieFrame is twofold:
1. We want to create a more authentic and democratic news flow. That?s why we provide a channel for the people to share their real-life stories and perspectives on life, politics, society, current events, and much more with local and international media.
2. User-generated content is used by the media on a daily basis. We believe that content creators should share in the profits from their work and want to make it easy for professionals and non-professionals alike to sell their photos and videos to interested buyers within the principles of a free market.

How do I use Indieframe?

You can use IndieFrame through our website, or download the app for content creation and browsing on the go.
Available through Google Play and AppStore

Who can use IndieFrame?

IndieFrame is for everyone - from private users to commercial companies and the media.
With IndieFrame anyone with a smartphone can become a freelance photographer or reporter, share their stories and sell their footage for news and commercial use.

Can I create an account for free?

Absolutely. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, buying or selling, you only have to pay to actually buy someone else?s content.
So go right ahead - create your free account now and get ready to post and sell or browse and buy photos and video content from around the world!

I get the heart, but what?s with the megaphone?

IndieFrame is a distribution channel for sharing all sorts of content and stories - not just the pretty kind.
It is a medium for creating awareness of both good and bad aspects of our world, and sometimes you are bound to come across photos and videos where a heart-shaped ?like? might seem inappropriate. It could be scenes from a war, an accident or a natural disaster, images of people in need and so on.
For this reason we have created the megaphone. Its function is similar to that of the heart as it allows you to acknowledge the quality and/or significance of the content and help create attention and awareness. Instead of a ?Like? we call it a ?Shout?.

For content creators

How do I use IndieFrame?

It´s pretty simple:
1. Create a free account through our website or download the app and start uploading your photos and videos.
2. Set your price and add a description using relevant #tags to make your content easy for buyers to find.
3. Share your IndieFrame posts on your social media to create awareness and increase you chances of making a sale (optional).

Who can buy my content?

While the purpose of IndieFrame is first and foremost to connect photographers, video makers and smartphone reporters with news media, publishers and broadcasters around the world, all IndieFrame users can buy your content - commercial companies as well as private users.

What types of content should I post?

You can upload photos and videos of anything you like, as long as you own the rights and the content is legal. That being said, we will remove any sexually explicit and violent content.
IndieFrame is meant for distributing newsworthy footage and creative, aesthetic content. The more interesting and relevant the content - and the higher the quality - the more likely you are to attract buyers.
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Is there any censorship?

Who sets the price?

As content creator you are 100 % free to set your price as you wish, starting at $1.
Meanwhile we encourage you to consider the quality and relevance of your content carefully; we want you to get fair pay for your work, but reasonable prices make you more likely to make that sale.
To get a sense of where you might be going, take a look at the content other people posted and how they priced it.

How much do I get paid?

Whenever you sell a piece of content you take home 80 % of the payment, while IndieFrame gets 20 %.
This allows us to keep on developing and improving our website and app, adding new cool features and making it as user-friendly as possible. Without having to distract you with annoying ads.

Who owns the rights to the content?

As content creator you keep the rights to your content at all times. Congratulations!
It means you get to sell any piece of content as many times to as many different buyers as you like.
Meanwhile, buyers - whether they be news media, broadcasters, publishers, commercial companies or private users - can use any piece of content as they see fit upon purchase. That?s the deal.

What if someone else posted MY content at IndieFrame?

Of course that?s not okay.
If you experience this, please let us know at and we?ll look into it.
We will remove any content that a user does not own the rights to.

Can I get in touch with other IndieFramers?

Sure! You can search for IndieFramers and send them a message via the app or the website. Either do a search by name or go to the map and search by location (country/city/area).

My profile

Why do you need my geolocation?

Technically, we don?t - you are perfectly free to use IndieFrame without activating geolocation.
Meanwhile geolocation helps increase your chances to make sales.

Here?s why:
1. Media and other commercial users can use geolocation to create specific assignments for specific locations. By activating geolocation you can tap into this portfolio of assignments to create content that you know is in demand.
2. Geolocation allows other users - particularly the media - to find you and offer you assignments directly if they need content for a story or from a local event in your vicinity.
3. Finally, geolocation helps the media verify your content which increases your chances of selling it.

Can I change my username?

Yes you can, and it?s super-easy. Just log in to your profile, go to ?Settings? and click ?Change? in the user name field. Now you can choose any new user name that isn?t already taken.
Remember that it?s fine to be creative, but wise to be appropriate.

For buyers

Do you verify the content posted through IndieFrame?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to verify individual pieces of content. However we encourage our IndieFramers to activate geolocation for their profiles, which will help you verify that a reporter/content creator was present at the said time and place.
If you do come across suspicious material, please contact us at so we can look into it.

Can I preview the content before I buy it?

Yes! You can preview any photo or video before you hit that ?buy? button. It will have watermarks, and the quality may be reduced - but you?ll get access to the full quality content without watermarks upon purchase.

Can I contact content creators directly?

Sure! You can search for users and send them a message via the app or the website.
Either do a search by name or go to the map and search by location (country/city/area).

Can I get exclusive rights?

If you want exclusive rights to specific content, you are welcome to reach out to the content creator and negotiate a deal. It is up to the content creator to decide if he or she wants to grant you exclusivity.
Please note that we at IndieFrame do not partake in any such negotiations or contracts, nor can we take responsibility for compliance with exclusivity agreements on behalf of the content creator.

Media account

What is a Media Account?

A Media Account offers some special features that are particularly useful to users with a news media, broadcaster or publisher.
Most importantly, a Media Account allows you to assign specific tasks to reporters or locations if you are looking for specific content - such as photos or video from an up-coming or current event.
Soon you will also be able to request smartphone live-streams from events and locations.

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