Content has value.

And now we are taking it

one step further.

And now we are taking it one step further.

With 85% of digital content stolen on a daily basis, the value of content is not recognized.

At IndieFrame we believe it is important that content creators and their work is recognized – either through payment, partnership or rightful credit. But most independent creators don’t have the time or money to chase the footprint of their content. It is our ambition and motivation to help this process along by providing content creators with a tool that enables them to take digital ownership of their work – and make sure they get paid.

That’s why we have launched – an online tool where creators can claim digital ownership of their content.

IndieFrame was built as independent digital distribution platform that brings the content creator and the media together – with an aim to give the power and rights back to the creator. One of the top values IndieFrame has been built upon.

We still work toward that. And Copyrighter is another step in that direction.
That’s why we are restructuring IndieFrame, and introducing our new sub-brand Copyrighter.

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